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Purely Science offers a wide range of classes pertaining to science. These courses or lesson plans includes computer science (infocomm), Application Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Arithmetic Maths and Robotics Engineering. Each faculty has different grades and levels from as young as Primary 1 to University. This includes International Schools (International Baccalaureate) or IP programme Integrated Programmes.

Computer Science (Infocomm)

Most of the students who does not have any technical background, they struggled to understand programming languages as well as software development or application coding. Now with many years of software development experience, MR Lim is providing a crash course and coaching on infocomm skills. These competency skills will enable you to perform better in school or workplace.

Application Physics

In order to do well in this field, students will need to have a strong foundation in Physics and a keen interest in Maths Calculations and how things work.  Application Physics involves the engineering of using Science to improve our daily life. The world operates by universal laws, by observing these principles we are able to discover new technologies and innovation for better inventions.

Arithmetic Maths

Through the many years of coaching and working with parents and students, I noticed that most students who struggled with Science, they also struggled in Maths as well. This is because Maths and Science they are inter-related and most sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics involves basic arithmetic calculations.

Robotics Engineering

we know that this is the future. Bill Gates mentioned that by AD2025, 25% of the jobs in the world will be replaced by robots. We know how technology has evolved and how it has changed businesses and human lifestyle. Many retail shops were affected as people these days simply shop online because they got better offers and deals. People get more intelligent and more internet savvy. As a result, we need new creative minds that are able to manage these uprising demands of robotics or artificial intelligence.

Founder Profile

About Mr Glenn L.G.H

His Inspirational Story and Philosophy
Glenn is an accomplished and certified Science teacher or lecturer who has 17 years of coaching experience with teaching kids from primary to university level in the aspect or faculty of science and maths. His profile is well known in the education industry as a dedicated teacher with a strong unique passion for kids, to groom them to be an elite future scientists. Over the years, he had built successful track records of students scoring Distinctions and doing very well in the subjects that he coaches.

His background: Glenn started as a software engineer developing financial portals. He then used his talent to work with astar and many companies. He had five years’ experience in Software Engineering in developing sandbox solutions, web portals, intranets, and complex web application systems for government agencies. Completed several full cycles of SDLC from Info analysis gathering to actual beta launch and Post-Launch debugging support. Secure Coding according to MVC 4 web application coding compliance to OSWAP Top 10.

He also had two years of experience in ICT Coaching Experience with Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School and various schools – ICT Multimedia Educator with AsknLearn and McOnline: providing coaching to lower and upper secondary students on Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, and Microsoft Office. Lead the IT AVA club and coached students on Adobe Premier and many other video editing tools. Lead and groom students for the inter-school competition such as NICA and SDMA awards. Students came in the first championship for SDMA and NICA as well as NEMATION. 1-year contract. Familiar with School Cockpit Systems and classroom management software such as Aristos and LMS portals. a security professional with experience assisting organizations successfully completing enterprise-wide security projects. Experience in finance, technology, healthcare, and telecom industries, and a proven track record of streamlining security processes, designing and implementing efficient security solutions, lead and assisting multi-disciplined, multi-national teams in achieving security efficiency.

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Photos from Lessons

these are some of the photos taken during the time when i am conducting a class. Students get to enjoy a conducive modern eco-friendly classroom where they are able to learn and pick up essential skills together with their peers.

Lessons Program

there are three divisions which i categorized them into the school groups, creative group and individual tutoring. Depending on the level , each has its unique education price package which it will be better to call me to discuss on this.

School Groups

These groups belongs to IT/Robotics Coaching

Courses such as Web designing , Photography , Animation
Robotics Engineering , Digital Forensics Investigation will be taught in this group.

Creative Groups

The creative group comprises of a maximum group size of 5-6
This size is designed for creative learning and problem solving skills
Students will get to share the common questions or mistakes so as to avoid them

Individual Tutoring

Finally this is targeted on students who need full attention and focus on a subject.

Interesting Articles

These section is where i post useful tips and information for my students to read

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Satisfied Parents

These are some of the letters of compliment and testimonials from parents.

Hi Mr Lim:
I wanted to let you know that Chung Wei has been enjoying his Biology tuition by you for the past 1 year. He is going from strength to strength in the subject and his enjoyment of the subject is increasing all the time. Your learning journeys related to the subject are definitely impressive ways to get my son understand the Biology subject matter deeper.
My son has benefited from your excellent tutoring and he looks forward to each lesson and your calming influence.
Chung Wei's dad

Mr wong

I can't express my gratitude to you for tutoring my boy for his Science & English subjects which had shown tremendous improvement in just few months! What impressed me most was thru your great influence which had developed and set him thinking in becoming future scientist!

Really appreciate & thank you for your awesome effort spent on him! Do hope you will continue to deliver your passion to influence the young minds thru your professional teaching.

Best Regards,
Evan Lee's mum (Wendy Kwa)

Wendy kwa

letter of recommendation from senior lecturer

Danny Toohey

Student's Testimonials

These are some of the personal notes and testimonials from my students.

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