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How to recognise your period and how to treat it using herbal remedies

An expert has revealed the different types of period women experience, and how to ease the symptoms using herbal remedies.   

2 years agoBromley-based professional herbalist Natasha Richardson founded Forage Botanicals, a company that produces herbal remedies for Toko bunga cepu all kind of period woes – from the well-known cramps to more obscure period migraines. 

She has identified the different types of period problems that women experience – from serious conditions to easily fixable ones – and provided herbal remedies for each one.  

Natasha Richardson, a professional herbologist from Bromley, offered advice and remedies on how to treat different types of periods, from heavy and long to light and short or irregular (pictured: a woman experiencing period cramps, stock picture) 

1. No bleeding

The absence of a period could indicate pregnancy or menopause for women over 50, but in some cases, it can be down to a varied range of factors, Natasha explained


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